HOST:Nobles and Greenough School and Middlesex School

SITE: Shawnee Peak, Bridgton, ME

Information for participating schools

Nobles and Greenough School :

Fred Hollister
Email: hollister@nobles.edu

Middlesex School :

Jecca Hutcheson
Email: jhutcheson@mxschool.edu

Directions to Shawnee Peak

(Google Map)

Loging Info: to http://www.mainelakeschamber.com

Race Entries

Entry Form (PDF)

Race Entries

General Information

• Look for signs directing you to a particular portion of the Lodge for registration where each team will pick up their envelope. This will contain bibs, running orders, lift tickets and a copy of NEPSAC Alpine Ski Racing rules (these can also be found on the prepskiing.org website).

•Coaches will be responsible for returning their team’s bibs, in numerical order, to the 2nd floor of the Main Slope timing building at the conclusion of the afternoon race.

•Bibs will stay with their respective teams for the entire day. It will be the responsibility of each team’s coaches to see that the bibs are given to the appropriate athlete for each race.
•Races will be running simultaneously on the East and Main Slopes. Second runs will start immediately following the first run.

•Scoreboards for each race will be located at the end of each race’s finish corral.

•At the conclusion of the second run of each race, all gatekeeper cards will be collected and be reviewed with the TD and the report of all DQ’s in both races will be posted at the Main Slope timing building after each race. Once these are posted, coaches will have a 15-minute period in which to submit a formal protest. After the protest period has expired, the disqualifications will be applied and the results will become official.



7:30 AM – Registration opens in the Great Room (main base lodge opposite cafeteria)

8:00 AM – Coaches’ meeting in race building upstairs

8:15 AM – Gatekeepers’ meeting in race building upstairs

8:30 AM – Triple Chair opens for racers

8:30-9:15 AM – Course Inspection

9:30 AM – First Run Boys’ Slalom on Main Slope – course to skier’s right.
Second run to begin immediately following first run on course to skier’s left (reverse order within seed for second run).

First Run Girls GS on East Slope - Second run to follow immediately after the first (reverse order within seed for second run).

1:00 PM – First Run Girls’ Slalom on Main Slope – First run, skier’s right, second run on course, skier’s left (reverse order within seed for second run).

First Run Boys Giant Slalom on East Slope – Second run will immediately follow the first (reverse order within seed for second run)

3:30 PM – Awards presented outside of the Main Slope Timing Building (weather permitting)

Note #1: Please note that all start times listed above are estimates. Check finish boards for any time changes as the day progresses.

Note #2: The first run of the morning races will follow bib order, with numbers within each seed being reversed for second runs. In the second race of the day, the start order will be the same as the second run in the morning, with the final run of the day again following bib order. Please remember to remind your racers of this.

Participating teams

1 .Belmont Hill (boys only)
2. Berkshire
3. Cardigan Mt. (boys only)
4. Deerfield
5. Eaglebrook (boys only)
6. Gould
7. Holderness
8. Kents Hill
9. KUA
10. Middlesex
11. Noble & Greenough
12. Northfield-Mt. Hermon
13. Proctor
14. Rivers
15. St. Paul's
16. Suffield